Company Profile

'After more than 20 years experience in the Trade, working as Contractsmanager, Productmanager and in General Management for mayor Dutch touroperators, I decided to start my own business in 1998. I was looking for new challenges, not just in one position but in a larger scale. To work on various subjects, different type of problems; it enlarges your scope, develops your skills and gives energy.
One of the main activities of Touristic Development is concept-development for the Traveltrade. A new type of product, a new destination. Other specialities are interim-management, training and coaching and matchmaking - bringing people and companies together.
To be on top of it; that's my kick. I try to do most projects by myself and on-the-job. You are in direct contact with the culture of the company and its people; through this you get direct feedback and people feel themselves involved in the project'

Theo Nagel

Touristic Development International
PO box 3987
7500 DZ Enschede
The Netherlands
tel. 06 2123 1469
fax 053 430 7048

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